Betty Jean Bell, founder of and, helps coaches and consultants raise their rates, work less, and provide extraordinary results to their clients.

Betty Jean started singing opera when she was 4 years old and always thought that was what she would do with her life. But at age 17 she was diagnosed with severe acid reflux that caused her to lose her opera singing voice. Afterwards, Betty Jean looked to entrepreneurship to find direction.

Over the next 20 years, Betty Jean managed a multi-million dollar oil company, helped build a clean energy startup that went public before she turned 30, organized events for major music acts and New York Times Bestselling authors, taught coaches how to create and sell their services online, and built a successful health coaching business that helped thousands of entrepreneurial women make their mental, emotional, and physical well being their top priority.

Today, Betty Jean is 100% well, engaged to the love of her life, and is singing again with friends in Austin, Texas. Professionally, she helps coaches and consultants have more free time and positive impact by teaching them to charge higher rates and better serve fewer clients.