As a creative consultant, professional magician and keynote speaker John Duke Logan believes that “impossible” is just a word. He combines the strategies that entertainers and entrepreneurs use to achieve goals - and makes these concepts applicable to his audiences’ personal and professional life.

I think ‘magic’ is simply any situation that you thought was ‘impossible’ becoming ‘possible’.

Speaker John Duke Logan has been nicknamed by the media as the “Team Magician” for the New England Patriots and praised by celebrities like Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady. He hosted his own show on, performed on “America’s Got Talent”, presented at the Forbes Live Summit, published two books and given several TEDx Talks – all before reaching the age of 25!

As a magician, John’s goal is actually not to fool anyone – instead he aims to help others through his magic. What really got John interested in magicians was not the tricks but the creative brainstorming process, which transforms the vision in your head into a reality. After all, magicians have mastered the art of looking at things from different perspectives. This is a skill needed to adapt to any situation – a useful skill for students, corporates and creatives alike.