From dancing in music videos (including Katy Perry's "Swish Swish") to performing on reality TV shows (including Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, and Ellen), 18-year-old Amanda LaCount is already conquering the commercial dance scene. If you've ever seen her dance, you understand why: She's a hard-hitting phenom with major stage presence. But in an industry where not having the "right" look can jeopardize your career, Amanda's also blazed her own path by accepting her beautiful curvy body the way it is.

Amanda has danced with some of the biggest names in show biz like Nicki Minaj and Lizzo, and she’s proof that YOU decide your future, not the opinion of someone else. Because Amanda’s experienced countless ignorant comments about her body, she’s on a mission to celebrate body diversity and acceptance through her body positivity movement #breakingthestereotype.