Meridith Alexander’s speaking career was launched by a boulder that came falling off the side of a mountain and crushed her daughter. The captivating story of Schuyler’s miraculous survival and Meridith’s unwavering positivity lead to Meridith’s best selling motivational book THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. Her extraordinary use of a deliberate mindset gained the attention of the international media including ABC, NBC, Fox and Prevention Magazine. Today, Meridith trains organizations, associations and high performance individuals to create a personal empowerment system that accelerates growth, purpose and resiliency. She specializes in delivering her special brand of motivational rocket fuel to those who feel stuck, burned out or uninspired. Balancing emotionally charged stories and optimism with strategy, Meridith delivers a lasting message about the power of our own unique potential.

Meridith lives in Tampa, FL and can frequently be seen strolling the markets and restaurants of St. Pete with Schuyler in search of the best sushi and vegan recipes on the planet, preferably with their two mighty dachshunds in tow.